Hit Points, Injuries, and Major wounds

I just got Crypts & Things Remastered. I also have the original rule book. I like the hit point system in this game. In a nutshell characters have hit points along the lines of classic D&D but, these hit points represent superficial damage and fatigue. They are recovered faster. You can even recover some  hit […]

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DCC has the best magic system in the whole damn multiverse

Just what the title says. DCC has the best and most innovative magic system of any role playing game I have played. It works so well on so many levels. Mechanically it has many nice feature – spells are unpredictable and variable, there is a cost for casting, and spells are tied to powerful entities. […]

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Magic items are alien technology

The DMG has a great set of rules for figuring out alien technology. Essentially you find some strange device that you don’t fully understand and you start tying to make it function. I’d argue that this fits regular magic items as well. You might run your campaigns differently but I feel magic is rare and bespoke. […]

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Witchbolt gun

An amalgamation of metal, wood, and mysterious materials combined in oddly disturbing geometric shapes. Fire an arcing bolt of energy at a target up to 40′ away. Roll to hit, on a success the target takes 1d10 lightning damage. On subsequent if you use your action to continue focussing the weapon at the same target they […]

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Stasis gun

This mysterious piece of alien technology appears nothing characters would normally be familiar with. Characters must figure out how to operate it using the rules in the DMG. Follow the rules for figuring out alien technology. Device operates on type C power cells. On a hit the target makes a con save DC 14. On […]

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The Muck Puddle at Hamm

The Muck Puddle at Hamm The Muck Puddle is an inn at the village Hamm. The Muck Puddle acts as inn and trading post for Hamm. Locals come and drink cheap spirits trade gossip and do business, travelers might get a room and a meal. The food is better than average. The drink is average. […]

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Pig faced orc cleric

This pig face orc cleric was inspired by the pig snouted orc miniature made by Minifig back in the late 70s. Drawn with the Apple Pencil with Procreate on the iPad Pro.

Maybe this should inspire a whole setting. Imagine a world where orcs are the norm. leading everyday lives in towns and cities, led by kings in castles. Humans lurk in forests and caves and lead war bands and raiding parties…

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