The Inn of the Red Witness

The Red Witness The inn of the red Witness is a two story stone structure originally built as a temple to a forgotten god. It has a large dome on the roof. The wide wooden front doors were added later. The original structure had no doors, most areas separated by curtains. The inn has good […]

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Spell Jammer Pyramid 

This is an idea I had a pyramid which once discovered and explored would turn out to be spacecraft. I never played SpellJammer but always thought the idea was good or potential for a lot of fun. The idea here would be a pyramid, I picture it more Mayan, than Egyptian, probably found in a […]

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Magic items are alien technology

The DMG has a great set of rules for figuring out alien technology. Essentially you find some strange device that you don’t fully understand and you start tying to make it function. I’d argue that this fits regular magic items as well. You might run your campaigns differently but I feel magic is rare and bespoke. […]

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Witchbolt gun

An amalgamation of metal, wood, and mysterious materials combined in oddly disturbing geometric shapes. Fire an arcing bolt of energy at a target up to 40′ away. Roll to hit, on a success the target takes 1d10 lightning damage. On subsequent if you use your action to continue focussing the weapon at the same target they […]

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Stasis gun

This mysterious piece of alien technology appears nothing characters would normally be familiar with. Characters must figure out how to operate it using the rules in the DMG. Follow the rules for figuring out alien technology. Device operates on type C power cells. On a hit the target makes a con save DC 14. On […]

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