Oculus Demon

Used as spies and familiars. The demon sees all with its large singular eye. Oculous demons find their ways into secret meetings and hidden laboratories, and other places that might interest their masters and take in everything with their all seeing eye. They avoid combat and usually flee if discovered. Oculous Demon D&D 5e Small […]

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Wind Demon

In an effort to “make the underdark great again” I propose a new monster to make your players wonder. The Wind Demon was really lift from Dave Hargrave’s Arduin Grimoire Volume I, though I have freely ad libbed and modified as I saw fit. Wind Demon DnD 5e Wind Demons appear as 7′ to 8′ tall smooth […]

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Airshark – DCC

This is a write up for my take on the Air Shark, which originally appeared in the Arduin Grimoire Volume 1 by Dave Hargrave. I also wrote a version for Dungeons & Dragons 5th edition here Air shark – HD 4d10 AC 14 Move 100′ flying Attack bite +6, 1d10 Fly by rake +6, 1d4 […]

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Air Shark 5e

Air shark for 5th edition D&D The Air Shark was an original invention of Dave Hargrave, and appeared in the Arduin Grimoire Volume 1. Years before Sharknado! I wonder if anyone who worked on Sharknado ever heard of Dave Hargrave? This is my reimagining of the Airshark for 5th edition Dungeons and Dragons. I also […]

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Gelatinous Mass – OSR

Gelatinous Mass – OSR (5e version) The gelatinous mass looks like a gelatinous cube with the eyes and brain matter of its victims floating inside. The mass is intelligent, though it’s thoughts and actions are alien to most. The mass and see with dark vision to a distance of 60′. The mass also emanates a […]

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Gelatinous Mass

The gelatinous mass is like a gelatinous cube, but is has a mind and is intelligent. Some have hinted that the origin of the gelatinous mass is with mind flayers. A bit of brain material, having escaped the vat of the elder brain, the result of a mind flayer being consumed by a gelatinous cube, […]

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Haunting Miasma

The haunting misasma is an undead creature that looks like a thick swirling inky black cloud. The cloud flows in a roiling mass engulfing opponents. Here are som stats for 5e. This adventure idea uses the Haunting Miasma. Haunting Miasma The haunting miasma appears as a thick black cloud. The cloud flows in a roiling […]

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