The 9 Virtues

The 9 virtues inn The Inn of 9 Virtues is a working class public house in the city of a thousand gods. No one is really sur what the 8th and 9th virtue are but regulars are more than willing to debate the subject over pints. The most popular answers are food and drink, but […]

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The Inn of the Red Witness

The Red Witness The inn of the red Witness is a two story stone structure originally built as a temple to a forgotten god. It has a large dome on the roof. The wide wooden front doors were added later. The original structure had no doors, most areas separated by curtains. The inn has good […]

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Spell Jammer Pyramid 

This is an idea I had a pyramid which once discovered and explored would turn out to be spacecraft. I never played SpellJammer but always thought the idea was good or potential for a lot of fun. The idea here would be a pyramid, I picture it more Mayan, than Egyptian, probably found in a […]

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The Muck Puddle at Hamm

The Muck Puddle at Hamm The Muck Puddle is an inn at the village Hamm. The Muck Puddle acts as inn and trading post for Hamm. Locals come and drink cheap spirits trade gossip and do business, travelers might get a room and a meal. The food is better than average. The drink is average. […]

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Vai’s Lair

Vai is a vampire who’s lair could exist in just about an any underground environment. The lair is protected by a secret passage, a trapped false entrance, and a few unique monsters. You could place this anywhere in an existing game. Entrance The entrance is a large bronze door, with a skull fixed high in […]

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Chamber of the Dingus of Moloch

This map shows the secret vault used to store the Dingus of Moloch. The vault is entered through a strong door below a temple. A twisting passage leads to the chamber of the dingus. This passage has several traps along its length. Secret doors allow the traps to be bypassed. These secret passages are used […]

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