The 9 Virtues

The 9 virtues inn

The Inn of 9 Virtues is a working class public house in the city of a thousand gods. No one is really sur what the 8th and 9th virtue are but regulars are more than willing to debate the subject over pints. The most popular answers are food and drink, but there are many more theories.
A two story wooden structure sits on a stone foundation. The building is built in the modern architectural style, and was built in recent memory, 3 to 40 years ago after the original structure burned to the ground. The u shaped structure has tall wooden gate that blocks the entrance alley. The ground floor has a large boisterous common room, two private rooms, along with a bar, and large kitchen. The second floor hosts seven rooms with moderate quality accommodations.

The main room is always busy with crowds of locals talking about the day. A popular place with the local working class. While travelers pass through the inn most of the customers any given night are regulars. More important members of the communities will lead meetings in one of the two private rooms.

The basement has a storage space and five small rooms for cheap long term occupation. These are simple five foot by ten foot spaces which offer no extra service. The storage space has a secret door that leads to the sewer tunnels. The Feck family elders are aware of the tunnel and trade access to the local thieves guild for favors which help make their business profitable.


Run by the Feck family, Dermott, Hansel, Alba, Frank, Grant and Miske, who all live in rooms behind the kitchen on the ground floor.

All family members work in the inn serving customers, making food, cleaning rooms, and maintaining the place.


Ale flagon/mug

  • Pedestrian 2sp/Mug 4cp
  • Quality ale 4sp/1sp


  • Bottle cheap 2sp
  • Bottle good 5sp
  • Bottle quality 1gp. Green elf wine (really a poor imitation of the real thing)
  • Cup 5cp, 2sp, 4sp


  • horn 1sp


  • Stew 2sp
  • Roast beast 7sp
  • Bread 3cp
  • Cheese 1sp
  • The ’feast’ 5sp
  •     – bread, cheese, stew, bottle cheap wine
  • The ’kings feast’ 1gp
  •     – roast beast, flagon ale


comes with clean bedding

  • ’fine’ accommodations 1gp. Up to two in a room. +5sp.
  • ’Luxurious’ accommodations 2g. Up to two in a room. +1gp.

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