The Inn of the Red Witness

The Red Witness

The inn of the red Witness is a two story stone structure originally built as a temple to a forgotten god. It has a large dome on the roof. The wide wooden front doors were added later. The original structure had no doors, most areas separated by curtains.

The inn has good food and drink and moderate to good accommodations. Six ten foot by fifteen foot rooms offer double occupancy on the ground floor. The second floor has nine more rooms which are offered as single occupancy ’royal’ accommodations. The Red Witness is consodered better than average for food and drink.

The entrance has a large wooden double door which is closed at night. Two to four guards are always stationed at the front and bar entrance to any that look like they can’t afford to pay.

The inn has a large central room where people meet and socialize. The ceiling is open to the second floor and the interior of the dome above. Some nights musicians or dancers perform for the crowd. The second floor over looks the main room and the sound of the ground floor carries through the rooms upstairs.

The second floor has better quality rooms with a few longer term guests. All rooms are curtained off the guards make regular rounds  which gives a sense of safety. The center of the upper floor is open and overlooks the festivities in the main room.

Below the ground the lower level of the of the Temple was used for strange rites to elder gods, is now used for storage and living space for the few servants that serve food and drink.

The proprietor

The proprietor is a short trim man with a pointed beard named Balthar, he keeps a room on the second floor the only room with a door. Gregarious and shrewd Balthar runs a tight ship, and will be seen overlooking the business from the second floor, though he spends a majority of time in his office, while occasionally entertaining business associates in one of the rooms below ground.




  • Flagon 5sp
  • Mug 1sp


  • Bottle cheap 5sp
  • Bottle good 1gp
  • Bottle quality >10gp
  • Cup 1sp, 3sp, 1gp, 5gp
  • fermented goat milk 4sp


  • horn 4sp

Exotic liqueurs

  • Forsein brandy 1gp
  • Gorian fire whiskey 15sp
  • Dwarf whiskey 1gp shot
  • Elven brandy 3gp glass 30gp bottle


  • Lamb 7sp
  • Roast beast 7sp
  • Bread 3cp
  • Cheese 1sp
  • The ’feast’ 5sp
    • Bread, cheese, stew, bottle cheap wine
  • The Kings feast’ 1gp
    • roast beast, flagon ale

Lodging comes with clean bedding

  • ’Fine’ accommodations 1gp
    • up to two in a room. +5sp
  • ’Luxurious’ accommodations 2gp
    • up to two in a room. +1gp


  • Smiorgian Borr. A long term resident of the inn. Deals with caravan traders acting as a broker for goods. A less than excellent businessman Smiorgian spends much time drinking in the common room. He is often low on funds looking for business or explains to the proprietor that he will have the rent soon.
  • Guards
    • Gobo mulch older gruff not against taking a bribe when no one is watching.
    • Silmach Flink young eager by the book distractible.
    • Tornod quiet no nonsense mercenary looking for other work.
    • Jondarr Smark local born in the city bright and observant a secret member of the the temple of moloch.


Second floor and basement


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