Witchbolt gun

An amalgamation of metal, wood, and mysterious materials combined in oddly disturbing geometric shapes.

Fire an arcing bolt of energy at a target up to 40′ away. Roll to hit, on a success the target takes 1d10 lightning damage. On subsequent if you use your action to continue focussing the weapon at the same target they automatically take another 1d10 lightning.

This weapon uses type A energy cells. Firing the weapon uses 1 charge, each round the weapon is focussed expends another charge.

[Rational and notes]

Spells are just a form of fire arm. Many spells could be used as a model for firearms of a wide variety. Which Bolt struck me as a perfect example. As a spell it’s not overly powerful. It has a lot of flavor, imagine a gun that shoots lightning that locks onto a target in an arc of energy applying damage each round. Give it a power cell that might run out of energy over time. Power cells give characters a motivation to adventure. Don’t let players buy them in town, at least not easily or cheaply.



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