The Muck Puddle at Hamm

The Muck Puddle at Hamm

The Muck Puddle is an inn at the village Hamm. The Muck Puddle acts as inn and trading post for Hamm. Locals come and drink cheap spirits trade gossip and do business, travelers might get a room and a meal.

The food is better than average. The drink is average. The Muck Puddle offers six rooms. Four smaller and two larger rooms. Visitors can also sleep on the floor of the common room for less.



Several barrels are stacked near the stout wooden door that is the front entrance. In the evenings the smell hearty peasant food and the sounds locals talking and laughing can be heard from within. A sign at the entrance ’no magic or sorcery’.

The original structure was a two story tower, made of large stone blocks, that once was an outpost for the Fangarie empire. The current structure has a wooden storage shed built on to its side and small wooden addition on the roof that adds a third story. The heavy wooden front door is open most of the day. The second story has slit windows on all sides.


The inn is run Denis a biggish man with a paunch and jowls, a shrewd stare who has a gregarious attitude when people are spending money. He takes orders while his wife Wilma keeps busy in the kitchen.


First floor

The first floor is split into a common room where visitors sit and and drink, and a back room that acts as a kitchen.

The main room has a long wooden common table supported by barrels flanked by two long benches, and a few smaller tables made from wagon wheels on top of Old barrels. A stair leads up to the second floor.

A curtain separates the kitchen from the main room. The kitchen contains a large table for food preparation and a large metal basin for washing. A small side door leads to the shed.

The shed isn’t much more than a shack leaning on the side of the main structure built of rough boards. Filled with boxes, barrels, and sacks, all the supplies necessary to keep the inn running and guests happy. A round table with chairs in the middle are used for private meetings and card games.

The shed contains a little of everything, including weapons and armor. Denis is willing to trade if the deal is sweet enough, otherwise it’s cash only.

Second Floor

The second floor has four 10’ by 15’, and two larger 15’ by 15’ rooms for rent. Each room contains a bed with a straw filled mattress, a stool, a small storage chest, and a small table. Each room has an arrow slit window over looking Ham and the surrounding region.

Roof ’penthouse’

A wooden addition has been built on the roof. Denis and Wilma use this as living quarters. The top floor contains a living room, bedroom, and office.

Hidden secrets

The barrels holding up the tables are weighted down by old weapons. These are old and rusty though a few are serviceable, and one is magical. This a short sword named Tru Dramm-er. An ancient weapon that speaks to the wielder telepathically in dwarvish. It is +1.
A magical stone set in the roof of the inn casts far sight when the inscription is read. The stone is green marble and carved with ancient runes around its circumference. In the center is a rosette that points in several directions not the north, south, east, and west cardinals. These markings point important locations to the ancient civilization that built the tower.


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