Deodanths and Elves

There was a discussion on G+ about Dave Hargrave. Some people remember him as a killer GM. I never played with Mr Hargrave, though I seem to remember he had reputation. Here’s a story from 30 plus years back.

I never played with Dave but I had his books since the late seventies. Probably saw him at a convention or two in the bay area when I was thirteen.

The Arduin books for are badly written and poorly organized. That said they are full genius ideas for the time really original stuff, that probably came to full fruition in Daves mind. I’m sure he ran an amazing game.

Here’s another story. I have a friend, who got me started in D&D. I wasn’t at this game by the story goes likes this. My friend is playing an anti paladin. This is the time when paladin was a class from greyhawk. The party runs into a group of deodanths. Deodanths are described in Arduin I as:

“Tall ebon skinned humanoids with flaming red eyes and silver claws and fangs. They wear military trappings and no clothes. They can leap 20′ to 40′ in any direction and are 50% magic resistant. They hate elves, which they attack in sight.”

There is a longer more detailed description in Arduin III which changes the description a bit.

Any how, the party meets these deodanths and the anti paladin goes off to negotiate with them, during which he sells them the elves in the party!

Imagine doing that in a game at a convention with a bunch of people you don’t know… I can’t remember what the aftermath was but we have all trusted Stuart to play his character ever since.

While Dave may or may not have been a killer GM its not only the GM who can be dangerous.

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