Airshark – DCC

This is a write up for my take on the Air Shark, which originally appeared in the Arduin Grimoire Volume 1 by Dave Hargrave. I also wrote a version for Dungeons & Dragons 5th edition here

Air shark –

HD 4d10
AC 14
Move 100′ flying
Attack bite +6, 1d10
Fly by rake +6, 1d4

Large flying sharks. Their bodies contain bladders of phlogiston flux which allows them too move through air or space as if they were swimming. Magical attacks have a chance of making them explode (see table Below) they have a tough sand paper like hide which affords them protection almost as good as mail, and also allows them to damage creatures as the fly past. Their bite is vicious. They prefer to attack injured creature and can smell blood from 1000ā€™. There is a chance they will go into a frenzy during combat. During combat they can move and bite. they can also make a free flyby attack against any creature by moving through its square.

An airshark can support a small or medium rider. Goblins, orcs, and lizard men have been known to ride air sharks.

Frenzy: air sharks mindlessly attack the nearest bloodied opponent. -4 ac +2 Attack (+8). Riders on a frenzied mount must make rider roll each round or fall off, attacks made from the back of a frenzied air shark are made at -2.

Air sharks can be found in many odd planets in the multiverse. In civilized lands they are usually eradicated due to the danger they posses.
Air sharks can support a medium or small sized rider. The rider may attack once per round. Lizard men are often found riding air sharks in the asteroid belts, firing bows, and swinging axes from the backs of their air shark mounts.
Air shark save vs magic on any failed save roll d12

  • 1 Air shark explodes in a fireball equal 4d10
  • 2 Air shark explodes in arcs of lightening hitting up to 4 targets within 30ā€™ each for 1d6
  • 3 The air shark starts breathing fire. This is a 2d6 breath weapon that must be used each round, the shark also takes the damage.
  • 4 – 12 No extra effect.



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