Gelatinous Mass – OSR

Gelatinous Mass – OSR

(5e version)

The gelatinous mass looks like a gelatinous cube with the eyes and brain matter of its victims floating inside. The mass is intelligent, though it’s thoughts and actions are alien to most. The mass and see with dark vision to a distance of 60′. The mass also emanates a psychic wave of random thoughts, these are visions from the brains of its past victims. These psychic emanations cause confusion in intelligent creatures within 100′.

Gelatinous Mass

Hit Dice: 4

Armor Class: 8 [11]

Attacks: Attack (2d4)

Saving Throw: 13

Special: confusion, immune to lightning and cold Move: 6

Alignment: Neutrality

Challenge Level/XP: 7/500

Gelatinous masses are semi-transparent cubes that slosh through subterranean passages, engulfing debris and carrion to digest. Their entire substance is acidic. The mass can attack with a pseudonym-do for 2d4, or engulf an adjacent creature by moving into its space. The victim may make a save vs dragon breath to void being engulfed. On a successful save the victim may move to an unoccupied adjacent space not occupied by the cube. An engulfed creature takes 2d8 points of damage, and can not breath at the start of any turn where it is still engulfed.

All intelligent creatures within a 100-foot radius must roll 1d20 + level and beat their wisdom score or suffer confusion. Each character who fails must immediately roll 1d8 to determine which of the following effects occurs. On a roll of

  • 1, the victim wanders aimlessly for one round.
  • 2-5, the victim stands motionless, stunned for one round.
  • 6-7, the victim attacks the nearest living creature for one round.
  • 8, the victim runs in random direction for two rounds.

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