Chamber of the Dingus of Moloch

This map shows the secret vault used to store the Dingus of Moloch.

The vault is entered through a strong door below a temple. A twisting passage leads to the chamber of the dingus. This passage has several traps along its length. Secret doors allow the traps to be bypassed. These secret passages are used by the priests of Moloch to access the dingus. The dashed line shows the path a priest might take. The entrance is at the top, the final chamber is at the bottom.

This map and ideas could be used by players seeking to penetrate the temple. The players could also follow the priests into the temple. They could find a map, or written notes hinting at the nature of the temple.

As for traps, here are a few ideas. I’ll leave out the numbers, you can fill those in to fit the level of your group. The numbers start with the top circular room and follow the passage.

  1. Fireball
  2. Pit trap
  3. Crossbow bolts shoot from far wall
  4. Pit trap
  5. Lightning arcs across passage
  6. Knives shoot up from floor
  7. Sleep spell?

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