Relic Generator

The idea of single use magical effects goes back to the origins of D&D. In the beginning these were potions, and scrolls. Scrolls were only usable by Wizards, and Clerics. With an exception for Thieves in a few rare circumstances. Potions had only narrow range of effects, and lacked game flavor. How heroic can you get swigging from a vial. Then, Numenera came along and Monte Cook made single use items a core mechanic in the name of Cypher usable by anyone class.

The idea is good. Give players a constant supply of single use items to encourage creative game play, while avoiding things that can unbalance a campaign. If the items are single use even a powerful item is only a problem once. Where a powerful multi use item could be a real problem for a GM, a single use item can actually be a boon, providing opportunity for players create heroic scenes at the brink of doom.

Mike Shea, over at Slyflourish had the idea to port these over to D&D5e in the form of Relics. A relic could be any thing imbued with a magical spell. He posted an online generator here. I thought this was such a great idea, I made an iOS app. The app generates relics, and allows you to email or text message them. I figured this might be easier than writing them down. Down load the app here: viewSoftware






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