Slaying Orcs

A song

Slaying orcs, it’s the dwarvish way
Slaying orcs every night and day
Slaying orcs that’s what I say
We’re Slaying orcs in every way

Slaying orcs their blood runs green
Slaying orcs we’re orc killing machines
Slaying orcs is favorite our scene!
We’re slaying every orc we see

Sometimes a Kobold, sometimes a Gnoll,
but slaying Orcs is our real goal.
Grab your axes, chop and hew,
we lost the cleric, to that gelatinous cube.

Slaying orcs it’s our way of life
Slaying orcs with axe or knife
Slaying orcs it’s no lie
I’m slaying orcs until the day I die!

Slaying orcs on land or cave
Slaying orcs it’s what I crave
Slaying orcs it’s the only way
We say prayer to Moradin for every orc we slay!

People are nice and parties are fun
But my goals there is only one
If there is one thing I would never miss
it’s slaying an orcs with a critical hit!



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