Staff of Viridi Vitae

StaffStaff of Viridi Vitae

Looks like a natural oaken staff, with vines growing from the top. Bright red berries sprout from the vines daily.

Powers, cast Entanglement once per day.

The staff grows 10 berries per day. Eating a berry has the same effect as the spell: Goodberries. The berries can not be saved.

The staff of Viridi Vitae exudes a strong aura of life. This aura attracts undead within 100 feet.

History: once the ordinary walking staff of Melior, an powerful druid of yore. Who succeeded at a quest for his patron. The patron at the end of the quest blessed the staff, imbuing it with magical abilities.

I don’t believe that the cursed items from the original game were very good. I don’t think Boots of Dancing, or the Spear of Backbiting, ever added any interest or role playing to our games. That said, I do think that items, especially powerful items, should have a small curse.

While this item doesn’t sound all that powerful. I feel it has some good use. Essentially giving a player two extra spells per day. I like goodberry, this doesn’t defeat monsters directly, it does provide healing which allows for more hacking per session!

The history probably needs a little more fleshing out. “Patron” is probably needs a name. “Quest” is a little too vague to create interest.



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