The Staff of Black Wizardry

Here is another card item from “way back in the day.”

Staff of Black Wizardry front

Here is the front. The art is rough but evocative. A gnarled wood staff with a dark orb at the top. The middle section emits a violet glow through the twisted tines, while the orb also emits a dark blue aura. Cool huh?

Staff of Black Wizardry back

Wow this thing could wreck your dungeon. Not sure what an “implosion ray” is but I bet your dragon is not immune to it!

The Staff of Black Wizardry NC/E

This evil and dark staff has the power to fire 10D6 Fireballs and Cold Balls, an Implosion Ray (1×1″ ray 6x6x6′ with 50′ range), a Death Ray (kills under 8th lvl. if not saved), a -3 save Fear Spell, and emit a small cloud (10x10x10′) of Poison Gas, 10D6 in strength. It can also function as a Rod of Rulership, a Rod of Absorption, and  a Staff of Withering. It also has 1 full power wishes, and a total of 11 charges.

I can’t remember where I got this. I have a vague memory of the DM making those pen marks in the moment before handing out the card. I’m guessing they felt it was too powerful. Imagine god handing out atomic power, and at the last minute realizing their mistake, and so making a few addendum to nature.

Looks like there were 3 wishes at one time, and maybe 20 charges. So this must have seen some use!

I love that the effect of Implosion Ray is not defined, but the area of effect is very clearly described. As if to imply that any DM worth their salt would know what to do with this. I mean really it would either be immediate death, or a number of dice damage. Putting the dice damage sort of lifts the veil, and removes the sense of wonder.

This is pretty good item, very powerful, even if it were just a Rod of Rulership, Rod of Absorption, and a Staff of Withering. Imagine a campaign where the party needed this kind of fire power, could be fun!



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