The Rainbow Shield

Here is another card item from the dawn of roleplaying history. Okay so this was really probably about 1981, or 1982. Looking closely it says “yellow musk creeper” at the bottom. From this we can deduct that the Fiend Folio must have been published before this item was penned. Some quick detective work finds this entry on wikipedia:

The yellow musk creeper and the yellow musk zombie first appeared in first edition in the adventure module Dwellers of the Forbidden City (1981).[1] The yellow musk creeper and the yellow musk zombie appeared in the original first edition Fiend Folio (1981).[2]

So, this couldn’t have been issued before 1981, it had to have been within a few years, maybe it was 1983?

The Rainbow Shield front

Here is the front. The drawing is not half bad. Looks like it was made with fine point felt pens.

The Rainbow Shield back

The Rainbow Shield +4 white light +2 otherwise

© 1981 D.A.Co.(DAYCO) Armor Co.

Powers –

ALL spectrum vision, absorb 4 10 points a round under white, 100% immune (not resistant, immune) to lazer (laser)  75% resistant to magic fire. Summon a beast of the rainbow 2 times a week. Fire rainbow bolt once a day for users level in D8.  (How many people do you know with rainbow resistance?) No magic resistance accepted.

Rainbow Beast: AC -3 MULTI-COLORED 4 armed. ALL DEAD
Can only be hurt by golden or techno weapons

STR. 30 Claws(4) Do2-20
DEX – 30 Tail save pois. ??
Hit Dice – 16
Hit Points – 256
No. Attacks – 6 or Breath (16D Rainbow bolt)

Bite 3-30 Save or Subdivide into separate light patterns (? Death)

Tail save poison or suffer bite effects.

Now the back is a bit of a mess, looks like there were a few revisions. Looks like it was © 1981 D.A.Co.(DAYCO) Armor Co. For some reason I want to guess that this meant “Dwarves Armor Company.” It provides some novel immunities: Lazer. It summons a Rainbow Beast, which can only be hurt by Gold, or Techno weapons (a reference to Arduin).

Looks like it was edited to remove an immunity to Phosphorus, physical fire, and cosmic fire. Whoa, the DM caught some potential campaign breaking powers there!

The Rainbow Beast is pretty mighty. Not sure what happened with this. It might have been brought out in play, and killed in a massive boss battle.


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