Card Items

Way back in the dawn of time, there was a version of D&D called Variant D&D. Games would be listed like this in the programs of gaming conventions. Essentially this would be D&D with house rules. I picture this mostly being the three books from the white box, along with anything the DM wanted to add. Anything could hppen. I played this version of D&D, I thought, which had just come out, AD&D was for kids, I was probably 14 t the time.

One of my favorite aspects of this style of gaming were the magic items. Rather than things from the book, these would be written on 3″ by 5″ cards with an image on one side, and an often elaborate description on the other. I had a collection of these that I had acquired of the course of many games. Sadly most were lost.

Recently I had started drawing more card items with with the intent of playing again. I was experimenting with printing business cards, and had them printed.


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