Fungus caves

Some fungus caves. I imagine a myconid colony in the upper right chamber with the pool. The smaller chambers Delos on the right side might have an early warning system of shriek ears and violet fungus. The left side chambers could contain anything…   

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Post about a conlang (Constructed language)  This is a constructed language, conlang, I invented for fun. Really it’s a simple alphabet substitution. There are upper and lower case letters, and some numbers. While I was happy with many of the letter shapes,  I feel some of the shapes are a little awkward, or too close […]

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Potion Generator

Here is another app I made that keeps a list of potions, generates a potion at random including descriptions.You can edit the descriptions, and add new potions to the list. In this way you can always describe a potion of heroism as: A glowing violet concoction that smells of spicy herbs. I’m working on […]

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Haunting Miasma

The haunting misasma is an undead creature that looks like a thick swirling inky black cloud. The cloud flows in a roiling mass engulfing opponents. Here are som stats for 5e. This adventure idea uses the Haunting Miasma. Haunting Miasma The haunting miasma appears as a thick black cloud. The cloud flows in a roiling […]

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Don’t Touch My Dice

A song dedicated to Bob Herzog: Don’t Touch My Dice – You can play your techno Mage with an AC of zero You can slay all the goblins and say you’re the hero You can move my minis and I’ll still play nice But there’s one thing I’ll never tell you twice Don’t I said don’t Don’t touch […]

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Vai’s Lair

Vai is a vampire who’s lair could exist in just about an any underground environment. The lair is protected by a secret passage, a trapped false entrance, and a few unique monsters. You could place this anywhere in an existing game. Entrance The entrance is a large bronze door, with a skull fixed high in […]

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