3d6 vs 1d20

The odds of rolling a 10 or a 20 on 1d20 are the same 1 in 20. This makes rolling to hit, making a save, or exercising a skill a random proposition using the standard d20 roll. While your bonuses increase your odds often the target DC or AC is higher in higher level encounters […]

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How big are dragons anyway?

I had been thinking for a while that dragons, the ones depicted in fantasy artwork, are really big. When it comes to combat you’d think they could just crush even strong humanoid opponent. It’s just a matter of mass. Think about arrows. Shooting a massive dragon with a human sized arrow would be like shooting […]

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The 9 Virtues

The 9 virtues inn The Inn of 9 Virtues is a working class public house in the city of a thousand gods. No one is really sur what the 8th and 9th virtue are but regulars are more than willing to debate the subject over pints. The most popular answers are food and drink, but […]

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Magic missile gun

Fires a rapid series of energy blasts. All targets in the area of effect must make a DC 12 (+ your proficiency bonus) Dex save or take 1d6 force damage. Area of effect could be handled in several ways. 10′ cube. This is the easiest and fits well with the rules, while not getting out […]

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